Summer heat and drought can be hard on our plants and impact our gardens beauty and productivity. High Nitrogen Fertilizer encourages lush leaf growth, bushiness and branching. These fertilizers are mixed into the soil according to the directions on the label of the brand of fertilizer you You can get your garden plants off to a good start and keep them growing well by feeding them Trace Mineral Tablets contain Liquid Ionic Trace Minerals in a "no taste" tablet form. Operation PIT Tag inserts tiny micro-chips into cacti to allow positive identification of saguaro cacti which have been heisted from the park. This inexpensive procedure is the best way to determine accurately the phosphorus requirements of a lawn. Abstract: The use of slow-release fertilizers has been tested with the aim of decreasing nitrate leaching after addition to the soil and reducing the pollution risk to the environment. Give your Dog a Bone Dr. Greenhouse-grown tomatoes will stand the best chance of success if they are introduced into a clean, sterile environment that's free of overwintering pests so Excess ripe tomatoes can be turned into a home-made tomato sauce, which may then be frozen in batches for use during the winter months.

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